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SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a secure, reliable method of making high quality business telephone calls over an internet connection. Unlike previous forms of lines or trunks, SIP lines offer businesses high reliability & complete flexibility by comparison. There are a range of benefits to replacing your existing ISDN lines with SIP trunks. Avian Telecoms can also offer upgrades to many traditional phone systems.

The Future
SIP has been adopted by virtually every major technology manufacturer, so there is no doubt that SIP is here to stay. This family of protocols is also set to define the architecture of the next generation of mobile networks. SIP lines and technology will provide a vast array of text, voice, video and data services for the business and consumer market. It is worth noting that BT intend to cease offering ISDN by the mid 2020s.

Numbers, Anywhere
SIP removes historic, geographic boundaries. The SIP “number, anywhere” service uses the same process as a traditional non geographic number which means you can take your business number with you, no matter where you relocate to.

Instant Divert
SIP lines can divert your number instantly to another location. This makes SIP a vital part of your business continuity and disaster-recovery planning. Whilst BT offer a divert solution, you can only divert the main number. In the new SIP world, you can divert every DDI to a different destination every single time.

There are some clear savings in both line rentals and call costs when looking at a SIP solution – SIP trunking could reduce your monthly line charges by up to 66%. When you move to a SIP-based service, the long contracts, high line rental charges & inflexibility of ISDN are all eliminated.

SIP is infinitely more flexible than its ISDN counterpart. You can increase or decrease your SIP lines within minutes without the cost or commitment associated with ISDN. A SIP solution is therefore ideal for businesses that operate in uncertain and/or fluctuating marketplaces.

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Thank you to Avian for guiding us through a long and challenging project and helping us to use the new system to meet our needs. We are also pleased with the cost savings achieved. We would highly recommend your service to other schools.”

Kate Hutchings, Head Teacher, Tunstall C of E Primary School
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