What is happening to the National Telephone Network?

Openreach is withdrawing various line services that use the traditional public switched telephone network and advising all customers that they will need to upgrade to All IP telephony by December 2025.  This is being done for several reasons including ageing equipment and digital transformation to IP technology.

What services will be affected?

ISDN2, ISDN30 digital lines, Analogue multi lines, WLR3 lines and LLU lines

When is this all happening?

What does Stop Sell mean?

The Stop sell stage also means changes cannot happen on existing lines, for example;-  take over a line, restart a stopped line, migration, add standard broadband, modify bandwidth, add additional lines or channels to analogue or ISDN lines.  You can check if your exchange is affected on:-


What does end of life mean?

Any end customer who already has a product will be able to continue using it until the ‘end of life stage.’

What do I need to do to make sure my business is ready?

  • Check what type of lines and telephone system are you using now? If you are still using analogue or digital lines for any of your services including alarm lines, voice services, internet access they will need to be upgraded to IP.
  • Check if your telephone system is analogue or digital, you will need to see if it can be upgraded to work with IP or whether you need a new IP telephone system.

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How can IP telephony help you?

  • Future proofing your telephones before the closure of the public switched network.
  • IP telephony gives you flexibility to react whatever the situation is quickly and cost effectively.
  • IP phones can be unplugged and taken to a different office or home enabling you to stay in touch and operate as normal.
  • Mobile apps for key personnel linking them into the telephone system, no matter where they are.
  • Cost savings with free calls and cheaper line rentals.

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Customer Testimonial

“We were so impressed with the customer service and the lack of ‘badgering’ after our initial meeting. We have been able to seamlessly change our telephone system to the latest IP technology and increase its size with no fuss. We have a good understanding of the new technology. I would highly recommend Avian Telecoms’ team to anyone wishing to change their system – nothing was ever a problem!”

Vikki Richardson, School Business Manager
St Nicholas School